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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Worst Trip Ever

It was a cold & stormy October night as my class prepared to depart for sunny, sunny Hawaii. Unfortunately, we ended up going to Washington DC (due to unknown reasons). Our trip coordinator saved money by buying tickets for 3:00 am flights, 3:00 am flights from an airport 2 hours away that is. As the long buss ride (with no heating what so ever) took it's toll, we happily arrived at our airport, to wait in line another few hours. When our flight took off & landed in DC we (un)happily conversed (complained) over imitation sausage & just-add-water eggs.

(1st of many installments)

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Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

In the winter of '47, I and four mates drove from Jacksonville to D.C. in a '39 plymouth, sleeping(if you can call it that) in said vehicle in a parking lot in Durham N.C. Bloody cold it was--the Patomac (sp) was partly frozen in the vicinity of the Jefferson Memorial.

We holed up in the YMCA and visited assorted points of interest, including racing each other up the Washington Monument.

Julie was working for the Washington Post and she aided us in our mission. The Smithsonian was of particular interest to me.

Congress was not in session so we had to be satisfied by climbing up into the cupola of the Capitol Building where we loosed a small paper airplane and were not apprehended by the feds.

The trip was quite an adventure for us and I recall it fondly