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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Worst Trip Ever

It was a cold & stormy October night as my class prepared to depart for sunny, sunny Hawaii. Unfortunately, we ended up going to Washington DC (due to unknown reasons). Our trip coordinator saved money by buying tickets for 3:00 am flights, 3:00 am flights from an airport 2 hours away that is. As the long buss ride (with no heating what so ever) took it's toll, we happily arrived at our airport, to wait in line another few hours. When our flight took off & landed in DC we (un)happily conversed (complained) over imitation sausage & just-add-water eggs.

(1st of many installments)

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Have you ever been sitting around doing nothing and suddenly your stomach rumbles? That means you need food. You may have heard stories about this strange thing when you we're a child, or maybe you just came across it on a sunny day. Well... I like food and so should you! Diet or no diet, we all need food. Whether it's American... like hamburgers, or African like fried monkey brains a la carte.

As for me, it's anything that's not green. What do you like?

And to brighten your day...
"I have hair here and here. Is Old Spice Hair and Body Wash right for me?"

Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy Busy...

I will be busy the next 3, count 'em 3 weeks

So use your imagination and pretend that this was a nice post about flowers and animals, or animals froliking in flowers!

See you in 3 weeks!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Please do check out the NASA headlines right over there ------>

As I know the mars landing was sucsessful! They are scanning for bacteria or boi-something to prove life there. I have to bet against the life because, quite frankly There is no atmosphere, what about you? Post a comment so I'll know what YOU believe.


Well, I have to admit when Alvin (above) said he wanted acorns for dinner, he ment it!
(thanks to the (Also thanks to Granny J for telling me how and what to to put for the link))

Well, I have some bad news: It's raining. I'm currently waiting for it to blow over, as soon as it does I'll finish taking pictures. Also my wireless internet is slow so it takes about 30 minutes to download 5 pictures (give or take a few minutes). I'll have the post up in a few hours. In the mean time enjoy these inside pictures...

My iris are award winning!

What kind of farmhouse doesn't have a Carnival Cruise trophy?

This is the demon cat gone good. Her name is Blackie, when she was young she got her head stuck in a recliner and choked, which caused her brain damage. Now she has a multipersonality dissorder, she is in a good mood right now.

Living Things on the Farm

Remember that medal I showed you? Well this is part of that garden! It's one of the only blooms left though. It has a nice color to it- reminds me of Granny J's 4 o'clock (refer to her "meanwhile, back in Prescott" post near the bottom of the page.


This is my Pure-bred Golden retriver... Dustie! She is as precious as diamonds, AND she can do the 2 step!!!!!!!! Tomorrow or something I will put up a video of it! Isn't that awesome???


Those are the triplets! Tiger (bottom), Ike (middle), and Grayhaven (top). The funny thing is that Grayhaven had to get shaved because he had WAY too much hair. If you look closely you can tell. =)


There are ALL the iris I have! Tons aren't there? They make good Mothers day, Christmas, Fathers day, Valentine, Thanksgiving, AND birthday gifts! That fiel is about 70 years old, which is why they are award winning: they are the same iris from 70 years ago!


This is the friendly nieghborhood possum: Smiley! He likes to smile, or is he really snarling? No one can tell.


This is the Day Lilly garden, we have alot of them. I'm not really that interested in them though... I'll get a picture when they bloom in a month or so.



Here is the farmyard in mid-winter, not "recent" but still my best picture!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Teaser

Tomorrow as most of you know is memorial day! That means I will be spending the day taking pictures and thinking of stuff to post ALL DAY!!!

The teaser is that it will be about... (drum roll plays in background) The Farm Life!!!