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Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, I have to admit when Alvin (above) said he wanted acorns for dinner, he ment it!
(thanks to the (Also thanks to Granny J for telling me how and what to to put for the link))

Well, I have some bad news: It's raining. I'm currently waiting for it to blow over, as soon as it does I'll finish taking pictures. Also my wireless internet is slow so it takes about 30 minutes to download 5 pictures (give or take a few minutes). I'll have the post up in a few hours. In the mean time enjoy these inside pictures...

My iris are award winning!

What kind of farmhouse doesn't have a Carnival Cruise trophy?

This is the demon cat gone good. Her name is Blackie, when she was young she got her head stuck in a recliner and choked, which caused her brain damage. Now she has a multipersonality dissorder, she is in a good mood right now.


Granny J said...

Hi -- since you mentioned Lazy Artist's Lounge without linking it, here's how to do that. 1) copy the URL of the link. 2) on your "create blog" where you're working on the current blog, note the little gizmo that looks like binoculars. If you click on it, it will automatically put in a link for you...

Granny J said...

Hokay, I've got you linked now. Checkout my righthand sidebar.

Tall nephew said...

Thanks GJ, I'm famous!