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Monday, May 26, 2008


Please do check out the NASA headlines right over there ------>

As I know the mars landing was sucsessful! They are scanning for bacteria or boi-something to prove life there. I have to bet against the life because, quite frankly There is no atmosphere, what about you? Post a comment so I'll know what YOU believe.


R said...

I'm pretty sure there was life on mars at some time, because that's where Uncle Martin, from the TV show "My Favorite Martian" came from. As far as current life in possible ice on Mars, I doubt it. There may, however be evidence of past life, when the environment there was different. -------->M.Niece

Tall nephew said...

Really? Just not much time to post today... Oh well =S

Anonymous said...

TN, I've added you to my squirrel blog roll. Hope it sends some visitors your way.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

If not there, for sure somewhere else.

Grampa (alias Hermano, alias AC)

Tall nephew said...

Thanks, give Red a nut or two for me.

AC, you have too many alias-es

Granny J said...

Let's speculate about something interesting way underground, where it's a lot warmer. And why should such life be either carbon based or proceed at a metabolic rate that we could recognize as living?